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e-Learning at Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda

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From June 20–24 the final e-Learning workshop was conducted at Kyambogo University in Kampala. The overall objective was to set up the e-Learning content of the Diploma Course in Biomedical Engineering in the e-Learning environment at the University. Six teachers of the Engineering Department supported by Mr. Rob Doms from MeduProf-S succeeded in achieving that goal. The first 20 students will start using e-Learning next semester.

To enable e-Learning for all departments at Kyambogo to become a reality, MeduProf-S has set up an e-Learning infrastructure based on the open source e-Learning platform of Moodle. This e-Learning platform supports course material in various formats like documents, audio and video but also interaction such as discussion boards, assignments and online testing. The Biomedical Engineering Diploma Course contains all of these.

On the closing day of the workshop Mr John Okuonzi demonstrated this first course in the e-Learning environment to all of the staff and students and the First Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. John Opuda-Asibo.

In his speech Prof. Dr. Opuda-Asibo complimented the teachers and the staff of MeduProf-S with the work done and encouraged the students who were all present to use e-learning. “e-Learning will enable students to prepare their lessons so there will be more room for practice and interaction. E-Learning can also support continuous learning which should be the goal of a university graduate. But students should not forget practical training and the guidance of the teachers,” he said.

If you would like to see more photo’s of the e-Learning Workshop week at Kyambogo, you can find them at http://www.flickr.com/photos/64632681@N02/ (When you click on a photo a larger one will be shown and another click will show an even larger one.)

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